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Legal Rulings and restrictions...

Currently, airsoft is generally prohibited in:


  Airsoft guns are considered as "real guns" by law.

  In Germany is forbidden:
  - Anything that has the outward appearance of a war weapon 
    (MP5, M16 etc.) is completely forbidden, even it cannot shoot. 

  - Anything that shoots (means: Anything where a bullet is is shot
    through a barrel) and is fully automatic - like a Tokyo Marui
    gun or a paintball gun that is full automatic.

  - "Weapons" that shoot with less energy than 7.5 Joule are
    considered as "free weapons" meaning that you can buy them, when
    you're older than 18. They have to be marked with an "F" and you
    cannot carry them on your body. The gun has to be carried
    separately from ammunition, both must be carried in a locked

  - Each series of guns has to approved by the Bundeskriminalamt (BKA) 
    (German equivilent of the United States FBI). If a series of gun 
    (like the KSC Glock 17) is not approved, it can't be imported by 
    a dealer. If you are a dealer and want to import the guns you will 
    have to give one example to the BKA where it will be tested and 
    will remain there.

  - If you're caught playing in public by the police you will be 
    punished as if you would have carried a real gun.  If (for example)
    it is an airsoft M-16 (considered a war weapon), you will be 
    punished with at least 5 years in prison.

*UPDATE 5/10/2003:

Received this update from a lad in Germany...

Just a small, but very important....and I hope a real good info for you...
I came from Germany too, so I know the problems over here in Germany to get a 
"Fiction Gun" or "Decoration Gun" too. 

But now the good info: After the German goverment change the German Weapon law 
in 01/04/2003, this kind of weapons are legal....Here just an small part what 
standing in the new weapon law...(Sorry guys, just in German): ......
k・ftig erlaubt, ebenso wie die ehemaligen "Anscheinwaffen", also solche, 
die nur den Anschein einer Kriegswaffe erwecken. Nach dem neuen Gesetz ist 
das Aussehen einer Waffe allein kein Grund f・ ein Verbot.

English Translation:

In the future permits, just as the former "appearance weapons", thus such, 
which arouse only the appearance of a war weapon. After the new law the 
appearance of a weapon is alone no reason for a prohibition. 

Airsoft in Germany IS legal if the said item fires SINGLE SHOT ONLY.
This applies to AEG's as well as GAS guns.  AEGs must be rendered unable 
to fire full auto or they will be confiscated (or worse).

At this time certain items may be shipped to Germany, such as Gas gun magazines and repair parts.


Bill C68 in Canada (activly enforced since 1999) states that if the item
is a replica of a real firearm, it is illegal for import into Canada.

Motion Picture and Television prop departments are one of a few select
exeptions to this rule, but the importing company must have the necessary
Firearms License and a Prop license (showing over 10 years of work in the 
motion picture field) to be able to import the guns in Canada without a problem.

It seems some replacement and option parts are legal for import, but most 
airsoft guns are not.

There's been some confusion about ownership in Canada. Let me clarify a few points...

Ownership, I.E. The act of owning an airsoft gun is NOT illegal in Canada. Waving your guns around
in public or otherwise acting unsafe or stupidly will get you arrested and get your guns taken away. There are locations in Canada
(certain Paintball fields and private clubs) where you may safely use your equipment.

Importation, I.E. The act of bringing airsoft guns into Canada across international borders IS currently in question.
There's a reason most airsoft retailers will not ship airsoft equipment to Canada, and that reason is Customs & the RCMP WILL confiscate
the items in question. Some people get lucky and receive orders without a hitch. When we were a retail operation we lost a couple orders worth
several hundreds of dollars which were confiscated by customs as an illegal item, and which were summarily destroyed.

If you live in Canada, your best bet is to currently purchase your guns from retailers IN Canada. Most accessory items, repair parts and items that
on their own do not resemble a complete assault rifle have a high probability of sucessfully making it into Canada. Complete guns, a much lower chance
of survival.

Update: 8/12/2003
I was contacted by Daniel Stoddard who stated that...
     If a customer is from Canada, it is possible to order such guns from the states,
however as said customs will attempt to confiscate the weapon. To bypass this the 
customer must call their local customs agent and get permission from them to purchase 
the item. It should be fairly easy, and it will require a fax [machine] to recieve a 
permission form to be sent with the item. 
     If I'm not being clear please forward questions to...

Having not attempted this measure, I am unable to verify it's sucess ratio. Therefore,
untill I receive positive reports from independant people in Canada who have
used this method, I stand by my earlier suggestion for Canadian buyers to purchase your
airsoft equipment from companies within Canada, where your items will not be seized.

Please E-mail Us with any legal updates for your state or country of origin!

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